Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Newforma Licenses M-SIX VEO(TM) Platform

This is very good news

I always liked the practical and industries focused approach of Newforma
And VEO is by far the most exiting technology in this field

For me a match made in heaven

Newforma Licenses M-SIX VEO(TM) Platform to Further Integrate PIM With BIM
Integrating Newforma Project Information Management Software With VEO Cloud-Based Model Collaboration Software Further Streamlines AEC/O Project Delivery


Saturday, July 28, 2012

Revit 2013 free Tutorial Videos

I came across a series of Training Videos which I think are really good.
Despite them being in Imperial they can still be useful in the metric world
The Instructor is Jay Polding and I really like the Style of teaching.
Have a look for yourself there are a few free videos for download and the whole course is a reasonable 100$
Revit Architecture 2013 Tutorial Video - Training DVD. Taught by Experts

3D PDF Converter for Revit

3D PDF Converter for Revit is an interesting new application with a flurry of new sharing and collaborating solution going on to the market it will be interesting to watch who will be the main players. Personally I struggle to see the need to spent 99$ when I can share a 3D dwf for free.

Saturday, July 14, 2012

Use and Abuse of Curtain Walls

Last Year I did a presentation at the RTC Australia and WARUG Perth about the Use and Abuse of Curtain walls.
I have a very affectionate relationship with curtain walls and consider them as one of the best designed features of Revit. One thing however I regret is that we don’t have this tool available as an generic component. It is in principle an ordering instrument and could be used in so many architectural situations. So in the meantime I use and abuse curtain walls for what I want them to be and need them to be.
Several people have asked to share the Tutorial Files so here they are.

I share with SugarSync and can only recommend it in my opinion it beats others... if you sign up you get 5 gig free ….and I get an 500 meg bonus 

Sunday, July 1, 2012

Disallow wall joins on multiple walls at once

This has been a looooongstanding wish of mine as I/we use a lot of Curtain walls and in my opinion 99%of them should always have the wall joins disabled. The same applies for modelling by Trade or for accurate Materiel Take-off Modelling
Now this add-in thanks to krispy makes it so easy... an absolute must in my tool set.

More Free Revit Families

Advanced Cabinet Systems has released a Revit Families version of their Casework Catalog available for download on their website.
Revit-casework-catalog Link